Thursday, September 4, 2008

God Provides for Monster Trucks

Well anyone that knows me knows that I don't really like to spend money on something that is not absolutely needed. Just look at my closet, most of my clothes are years and I do mean years old. Timmy actually encourages me to buy new clothes sometimes. Anyway last week Timmy told me that the monster trucks were going to be in Springdale. To me that is no big deal at all but to my boys that is almost the best thing that could happen. Right up there with Christmas day. The tickets are 18 dollars for adults and 5 for children. Just for the tickets it would be about 50 dollars for our family to go. That does not include the concession stand, and you know you have to visit there at least once during the event. Well this is where the story gets neat. One of my clients is working on getting their inventory correct. They needed me to work extra. God provided the money for the tickets and the concession stand. Isn't he neat. I have decided not to go with them because I don't want to set out in the heat but I know they will love it. They have been counting the days down all week. It comes up many times through out the day. Even if I hadn't worked extra they would have still went but it just makes me feel good that God knew I would be concerned about the cost. It was kinda like he was telling me "relax, I've got things under control" Isn't God cool like that.

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Anonymous said...

I was the best mom one weekend last year and took my boys to the monster truck rally while Eric & Steph had some daddy/daughter time at an OU game in OK. It was sooooo loud! They got a kick out of it, but got bored after an hour & a half & we left to get Sonic instead of spending a whole lot there. Doubt they will want to go again. Once is enough.