Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Unbuttoned Pants - Okay or Not Okay

Isn't this a funny picture. If my belly was cuter this could be a picture of Tim and I.

As I was walking tonight,yes I did say walking for those of you that think I just set around all day. I was thinking. My mind never seems to stop. Usually on very random items. Anyway, I was wondering what was the appropriate way to wear your prepregnancy clothes. I am all for just unbuttoning the top button of your pants but if you can't zip them at all is this a little to revealing. The shirt I had on tonight was really long but just think if the shirt is not quite long enough you have just showed the whole world the bottom of your belly. You also have to keep adjusting the zipper so that it doesn't stick you. As I was reading someone else's blog I saw this picture. I noticed her jeans don't look buttoned. But she has one of those cute bellies. You could say the picture of that belly and mind could be considered complete opposites. So the question is are the pants really to small if you are not able to zip them at all or if the zipper is making a indention in the bottom of the belly?


Cassie said... said...

I say yes. They are too small. There are so many low ride preggers pants now days. They don't even have that streachy fabric at the top. They just look like regular pants. I say spring for couple pairs of those and you won't have to worry about your shirt being to short!

Christy Dean said...

Get a "bella band"! I wore one for at least half of my pregnancy, and I loved it! It's basically a stretchy band made out of t-shirt type material and you just slip it over your non-maternity pants. It's great for early in your pregnancy or when you're trying to fit back into your clothes after the baby is born. Here's a link to where you can buy one on amazon (I got mine on ebay for either $8 or $12). http://www.amazon.com/BellaBand-Bella-Band/dp/B000ETNUMC
I hope I don't sound like a commercial! :)