Thursday, September 25, 2008

Looking for True Friendship

As I write this I will need to take several breaks due to the fact that I am doing a Bible study, coloring my hair (couldn't take the grey any longer. I hope it doesn't turn out purple) and eating breakfast. Oh yeah and washing the sheets off my bed. The life of a multi-tasker. Anyway I hope this is coherent by the end.

Over the last several days I have been thinking alot about friendships. What makes a good friend, who I trust as a friend, who I don't, am I a good friend. Well It is time to rinse I will discuss more when I get back.

Well now that I have a crick in my neck and color on my toes (don't ask.) I am back to the subject of friendship.

I went on line this morning and listened to a message by Dr. David Jeremiah. He is a great preacher. Anyway he was talking about Paul and his friendships. Paul really didn't have very many true friends and the ones that he had were usually temporary. I think of people who can say they have one best friends since they were young. How cool would that be, I personally can't say that. It seems that Paul christian life determined who wanted to be his friend and for how long. Really who wants to be friends with a jail bird.

I started thinking about what I look for in a friend. Here are a few of the qualities. Probably the first one to come to mind is trustworthy. You know that person you can tell something to anonymously and you know they would never break your confidence. I'm back, I bet you didn't realize it was time to put the sheets into the dryer. Honest, they never lie about things. Christian, someone to encourage me to grow spiritually. Dependable, you know when they say they will do something they will do it. A little on the heavy side wouldn't hurt anything, really who wants to go shopping with a bean pole. For all of you who think I am talking about you I am really kidding. I would go shopping with you I just don't want to try any clothes on while shopping. haha These are just a few of the things I would look for. Well all those things are good but can you really find all these characteristics in one person.

Here are a few verses on friendships.
Job 16:20 NIV
My intercessor is my friend as my eyes pour out tears to God;
Ecclesiastes 4:10 NIV
If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!
As Proverbs 13:20 puts it: Whoever walks with the wise will become wise; whoever walks with fools will suffer harm (New Living Translation).

Remember Daniel and his friends in the Bible. They were an encouragement to each other to do what was right. Would I help a friend by jumping in a fiery furnace to do what was right?

As I was thinking about Jesus' friends the first person that came to mind was Peter. I am back again, I had to take a business call. Anyway, I love the part in the Bible after Peter (bad friend) had denied Jesus three times, Jesus had been crucified and he was walking around after his resurrection. Jesus searches Peter out. Me personally if my friend betrays me I want to forget about the whole friendship. Jesus was the perfect friends He searched for Peter and he makes their friendship whole again. As I think about it, Jesus did not need to do this for himself He did this for Peter's sake. I am usually thinking about my feeling not the other persons.

I love the above verse above where it talks about a true friend going into intercessory prayer for another friend. I definitely want to be that kind of friend.

I read another article this morning on friendship. It said the question shouldn't be what makes a good friend but the better question is how can we be a good friend. I think I have come to the conclusion that really you can't depend on people to be perfect. I am a prime example. Maybe your closest friendship should be to Jesus and then work at being a good friend to others not necessarily finding someone to be a good friend to you. Well I have went on long enough. There are so many things I need to accomplish today. Here is to name a few. Spiders traps out at the church, clean my house (company is coming this weekend), pick Noah up from school, basketball practice. OOOOOH the list never ends.


Anonymous said...

I have had a best friend from grade school and we only talk about once a year. The thing is, that when we talk it's like we've been around each other the whole time. We don't miss a beat. I think the credit goes to having "Christian sisterhood". Christ alone makes us a good friend to others. Holy Spirit binds your heart to theirs. A true close friend is hard to find, but when it happens you know it and you don't want to let it go.

It's me Suzette! said...

I love reading your blogs! You are quiet the multi tasker woman!

The Hickman's said...

Hey Bekah! Thanks for your comment on my blog- I didn't know you had one too. =) I'll look forward to getting to know you better through blog world!

Campbell Crusade said...

Hey! I didn't know you had a blog.. I got to look and read through a bit..
Love your post on friendships. I think it is a message that hits home with most of us. Friendship, especially close, tight friendships are hard to come by. They are really a gift from the Lord. And a great reminder of the type of friend I need to be.

Hey, love Andrew's new haircut! I've actually done that before to a guy's hair back in H.S. But, the guard on the clippers didn't fall off.. I had completely forgot to put it on all together! Yeah, he had a bald strip down the middle of his head. I felt terrible!

Cassie said... said...

I think the best thing about good friends is how fluid they are. They can be your whole world one day, a wave as you drive by them the next, and someone you don't see or talk to for a week...and yet somehow a true friend is still there when it matters, and the first person you want to call when you want to share. A true friend is a special gift.