Monday, September 22, 2008

Showing Love - Feeling a Need

This past Sunday in Sunday school we learned about the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. John 6:1-13 These are some of the points that stuck out to me.
1. The people were following Jesus because of his miracles
2. Jesus showed love to the people by giving them what they needed physically.
In our Bible truth Jesus knew why they were following him yet he did not let that determine how he minstered to them. He met their physical need first and then their spiritual need. The previous Sunday night our connection group helped serve at South Church. We fed about 150 people. Which reinforced this story to me. After studying this lesson I looked at my own motives. I am afraid I only want to give people what they deserve not necessarily what they need. I would be the worst person to be on the benevolence committee. People would come and ask for money and I would want to tell them to get a job or put some kind of condition on the help they were to receive. This wasn't Jesus' approach. Hopefully the next time I am able to help someone I will take the best approach of meeting the physical need so that I might have the chance to help them with their spiritual need.


It's me Suzette! said...

This is such a good reminder! I am so guilty of giving with "conditions."

Cassie said... said...

it's the bean counter side of you coming out. Don't beat yourself up about. If Brandon were on that committee the church would be takes all kinds!