Monday, September 29, 2008

Responses to the Word

Well next week in Sunday Sunday School we will be talking about Jeremiah. God had instructed him to write down all that He said and tell it to the people. His servant Baruch first read it to the ordinary people in the temple and then he read it before the king. The king took each section after it had been read and burned it because he did not like what was said. Jeremiah 36.
What is our response when we read the word. The parable of the sower gives us four possible responses.
1. Fell along the path - birds ate it. We read the word but don't actually apply it to our lives.
2. Fell on rocky ground - sprang up quickly but then withered away. We read the word and get all excited about applying it to our lives but then when temptations come or obstacles and we quickly forget what he has told us to do.
3. Fell among thorns - it was quickly choked. We have sin in our lives that keeps us from understanding or obeying what God wants us to do.
4. Fell on good soil - produced a crop. We understand the word and apply it to our everyday lives. Letting it change us totally.

In my own life I wonder where am I at. I personally would never burn the Bible. I think that God would definitely have a big punishment for that one. But when I read the word and don't let it change me is this basically what is happening. I know what it says but do I really care. I realize that the four types of grounds others might say mean something totally different but as I was studying this morning this is what they meant to me.
Last week I couldn't think of a cool craft but this week will be so much easier. We will make scrolls. They suggested painting with straws but I don't know if I am that brave.

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