Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Noah's 1st Basketball Game of The Season

Noah had his first basketball game of the season last Saturday. I don't think there is a sport he doesn't like. Anything he chooses to play he is usually good at it. Obviously he is not taking after his mother. Last year we let him play both soccer and basketball in the Fall. This year we made him choose and he chose basketball. His Dad is one of his coaches.

Either Noah or Logan take the ball up the floor. They both are good at dribbling it most of the time.
Here is another shot of Noah shooting the basketball (he's on the right). He made 10 points during the game.
He is serious about his defense. He stole it many times. This allowed him to get it down the floor and be able to shoot it without all the tall guys blocking his shot.

What I was probably most proud of was the fact that as we were leaving he told one of the players on the other team "good game". I always stress just doing your best and good sportsmanship. It's nice when you think something might be sinking in.

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The Hickman's said...

You got some great action shots! I have really enjoyed working with Noah in Awanas the past couple of weeks- he is so smart!