Thursday, September 4, 2008

Proper Bathroom Etiquete

So what is the proper actions when your loved one is puking???? The other morning I was sick and my loving husband stayed in the bathroom brushing his teeth while I hugged the toilet. This just doesn't seem right. I would assume that one would give the sick person some privacy and then when everything is over with offer to get them a cold washrag. And the washrag definitely needs to be cold, luke warm or even hot is definitely not what you want to put on your face after an event like this. So what is your opinion? Do you stay, do you excuse yourself, do you offer any help. Really what is the proper way to handle this situation? Obviously Timmy and I have different opinions on this.


Karen L. said...

i think he was trying to be polite by not running out as fast as he could go!! but really, who could brush their teeth while there is puke around? it's really no different than eating. ewww!

bless your heart.....
men just AREN'T women, believe me i know the feeling!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking get the heck outta Dodge until the chunks stop flying then definately the cold wash cloth. Maybe a dozen roses...say for the next 8 months?